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Auk Technical Services was formed in 2004 by Dennis Moore.  Dennis worked for the State of California Food and Drug Branch for twenty years, and was an FDA investigator under their contract with the Food and Drug Administration.  As an investigator, Dennis felt his ability to help firms was limited, and he wanted to play a more constructive role in bringing new health-saving technology and other products to market safely, while meeting the requirements set forth by state and federal agencies.

We have expertise in:

Medical Device Regulation

Pharmaceutical Regulation

ISO Regulatory Standards

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Food Safety (FSMA)

Both FDA and European Union Regulation

Let us help solve your regulatory issues

Dennis Moore
Founder and Principal
Jeff Morgan
Director RA/QA

Jeff has extensive experience with both international and domestic medical device and biopharmaceutical companies and clinical laboratories since 1998.  

A former State of California and FDA investigator, Dennis Formed Auk Technical Services to help companies achieve regulatory compliance.

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